Perfect Potion Organic Frankincense Oil 5ml

Boswellia carterii, resin, steam distillation, wild grown, Certified Organic, Somalia.

A pale yellow oil with a fresh, sweet woody aroma and a balsamic undertone.

This oil has been used for thousands of years in worship and rituals as a mediator between the material and spiritual worlds. It has relaxing, inspiring qualities that can be used to promote calm, lift the spirit and to encourage the release of unconscious stress. Frankincense also has significant nutritional and hydrating properties to support healthy skin tone and revitalisation.
Blends well with: all Citrus oils, Myrrh, Sandalwood, Geranium.
  • Improves the tone of mature and damaged skin.
  • Rejuvenates mature skin
  • Frankincense Essential Oil is spiritually uplifting and used in meditation to enhance spiritual wisdom and inspiration
  • Use Frankincense Essential Oil to smooth the free flow of Qi and calm the mind. 
  • Can be used whenever there is an accumulation of stress that has led to irritablility or restlessness
  • Can be used for insomnia  
Add 3 drops to an oil vaporiser or diffuser or 2-3 drops in a hand or foot bath or up to 5 drops in a body bath or add 2 drops to every 10ml of carrier oil.
Blending tips:

Musculoskeletal – for inflammation and joint pain, consider blending with black pepper, clove bud, everlasting, ginger, spike lavender, sweet marjoram and rosemary.

Respiratory – to assist with breathing, consider blending with blue mallee eucalyptus, fragonia, everlasting, pine and tea tree.

Skin – for wound healing and dry skin, consider blending with lavender, rose, patchouli and sandalwood.

Mind – for uplifting and cognitive enhancement, consider blending with bergamot, coriander seed, fragonia, juniper berry, lavender, lemon, cold pressed lime, pine and rosemary.

Spirituality – to assist in meditation practice, consider blending with Roman chamomile, lemon, neroli and sandalwood.

Traditional & Historical Information
Frankincense comes from the resin of a shrub native to Africa, India and South Arabia.

 The name ‘Frankincense’ is derived from the Old French word Franc, meaning free, pure or abundant, and the Latin word incensum, meaning to smoke.  Frankincense played a very important role in the religious and domestic lives of Ancient Egypt, Persia, Hebrew, Greek and Roman civilizations. It has always been considered an important ingredient in cosmetics as an aromatic incense and in religious rituals of these ancient civilisations.

Safety Considerations
Very safe if used as directed. If ingested, drink milk and consult a health specialist. Avoid eyes, flush with water. Keep out of reach of children.
Please note:
Therapeutic plant oils are used to support natural body process for optimum health and wellbeing. The information here is NOT meant as recommendation for cure of any medical condition or disease.