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Natural remedies for high cholesterol

Rebalance recommends 

B Complex with Niacin

Controls cholesterol levels.


To prevent low calcium levels.

Vitamin E with Selenium

Improves circulation. Selenium deficiency has also been linked to heart disease.


Emulsifies fat and lowers cholesterol.


For healthy heart, cholesterol and circulation.

Omega 3

Thins the blood and reduces LDL level.

Phytosterol Complex

Reduce the absorption of cholesterol.



Minimise stress.

Avoid sugar, refined carbohydrates, fried foods, hydrogenated oils, alcohol and caffeine.

Get regular moderate exercise.

Include more fibre in the diet or take a supplement such as Bowel Biotics.

Achieve your ideal body weight.

Don't smoke.

Eat raw, unsalted pecans, almonds and walnuts-all high in arginine.

Include foods in the diet such as oily fish, apples, bananas, garlic and olive oil.


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