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Real Deal Hurt Crème was formulated over 25 years ago by Dennis Stewart DO, a Registered Osteopathic physician and Natural Medicines Practitioner. Dennis was disappointed and disillusioned with the quality and effectiveness of topical pain relief products available at the time. He found that the benefit patients gained from his formula in Real Deal Hurt Crème when used on them in his clinic was so amazing that he decided to market it as a readily available product to the public, other practitioners, and to the health food industry.


What is unique about Real Deal Hurt Crème is that it has organic herbal ingredients and does not contain paraben, a preservative which many natural health people have concerns about, and which some researchers claim may have ill-effects on our health. Real Deal Hurt Crème also does not contain soy, bee products, or animal products and is not tested on animals. However, some people use Real Deal Hurt Crème on their pets and other animals in cases of injury.

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