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Best Natural Supplements for Brain & Memory Support

Natural remedies for memory loss

Rebalance recommends


Ginkgo is a valuable herb proven to support healthy circulation, mental clarity and focus.

Vitamin B Complex

Contains beneficial B12 for memory and cognitive function. B vitamins are best taken together in a complex if using them longterm.

DHA Capsules

DHA is an essential nutrient for maintaining cellular fluidity and supports memory, cognition, and emotional well-being. In fact, 20% of our brain is comprised of DHA.


Lecithin is used for healthy cholesterol management, and to support healthy brain function.


Tips & Info

Reduce stress.

Avoid alcohol, hydrogenated oil, processed foods, sugar and environmental toxins.

Get regular gentle exercise. 

Include oily fish, fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds and whole foods in the diet. 

Limit dairy and wheat.

Read, do puzzles, crosswords etc. Keep your brain active.

Get enough rest.

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