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Natural remedies for sinusitis and sinus problems

Rebalance recommends

Luffa Nasal Spray

Great for all seasonal allergies, hay fever, mucous congestion, itchy eyes, running nose and sneezing.

Active Elements 7.1

Rapidly brings down swelling and inflammation while reducing fever and congestion. Highly effective for treating sinus infections!

Luffa Heel

Helps reduce the severity of symptoms of allergic reactions of the upper respiratory tract.


Helps sinus congestion and allergic reactions. Taken long term, Quercetin can reduce the frequency of hay fever attacks.

Sinus Drops

Homeopathic remedy to help relieve sinusitis.


Tips & Info

Grasses pollinate at midday so avoid having windows and doors open after this time. Also washing on the line can collect pollens and make symptoms worse.

Mow your lawn regularly to stop the grass flowering. 

Shower thoroughly after being outdoors. 

Pets fur is ideal for pollen to attach to. Make sure you bath them regularly.

Include acidophilus yoghurt in the diet.

Avoid common food allergens such as bananas, beef, caffeine, chocolate, citrus, corn, dairy, eggs, oats, shellfish, peanuts, salmon, strawberries, tomatoes, wheat and white rice.

Avoid silicates, MSM, benzoates and artificial colours (especially yellow and red).

Use natural skin products.

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