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Natural Remedies for Glandular Fever

Natural remedies for glandular fever

Rebalance recommends

Advanced Probiotics

Essential for immune function and proper digestion during illness.

Active Elements 7.1

Rapidly brings down swelling and inflammation while reducing fever and congestion. Highly effective for treating glandular fever!


Excellent for fighting the virus and boosting energy levels

Essential Greens

High in vitamins, minerals, proteins and also a great blood cleanser and energy booster.


Can help boost energy levels and fights free radicals.

Arctic Cod Liver Oil

Essential for the immune system as it is high in vitamins A and D.


Tips & Info

Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water or herbal tea each day.

Eat hearty soups and stews.

Get plenty of rest.

East small meals often.

Avoid the herb Astragalus while fighting fever.

Avoid caffeine, sugar, white bread, white pasta and white rice.

Use salt water gargles for a sore throat.

Avoid aspirin.


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