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Natural remedies for hormonal acne

Rebalance recommends

Vanilla Seasalt Exfoliant

A great natural skin cleanser and healer. Helps rid the skin of pimples, blackheads and acne.


important for skin health and normal hormone and sebum production.


Gentle detox and blood cleanser to give a helping hand with unwanted acne.

Advanced Acidophilus Plus

Helps balance out intestinal flora for a normal digestive function. Also helps any intestinal infections such as candida which may be causing and/or aggravating the acne.

Cod Liver Oil

High in vitamins A and D for skin health and skin healing.


Aids in reducing infections of the skin. Also great if sugar cravings are a problem.


Tips & Info

Avoid fried foods, white breads and pastas, and dairy products.

Acne is an inflammatory skin disorder usually caused from an excess of androgen hormones. Look after your liver by including green foods and drinks into the diet (chlorella is ideal). A sluggish liver cannot break down the hormones which contribute to hormonal acne. This cycle then sends messages to the skin to produce more oil which in turn produces more acne.

Women can get hormonal acne after ovulation from the release of progesterone. 

An overgrowth of candida can also cause acne so limiting or avoiding sugars is an essential part of clearing up this skin condition.

Minimise stress.

Keep your skin clean but do not over clean as this can irritate the acne.

Go make up free when ever you can in order to let your skin "breathe". 

Eat more fresh fruit and veggies, oily fish, nuts and seeds.

Increase your intake of complex carbohydrates, fibre and low GI foods.

Drink at least 8 glasses of water or herbal tea each day.

Make a mixture of apple cider and water and apply to the area.

Try a face mask of acidophilus yoghurt twice a week.


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