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Best Supplements for Men's Fertility

Natural supplements for men's fertility

Fertility issues can arise at anytime to anyone and are more common that you may think. General day to day living bombards us with all kinds of things that can interfere with our ability to conceive – pollution, toxins and stress are just some of the little things that can send us off course. For those who find themselves in this situation, it can be a very trying and upsetting time. The focus for men is usually to boost sperm count and motility so below are a list of recommendations, tips and nutrients essential for reproductive health.


Rebalance recommends 

Vitamin E with Selenium 

Both Vitamin E and Selenium increase sperm count. Vitamin E also increases blood and oxygen flow to the sex organs. Selenium is very low in NZ soil so all NZ men should be taking this to support reproductive health and in particular prostate health.


Essential for proper functioning of the sex organs. Again, very low in NZ Soil.

Chlorella and/or HEEL detox kit

Remove toxins and heavy metals which can wreak havoc on the body and fertility

Ester C

Very important in sperm production and motility.



Avoid alcohol, caffeine and marijuana which all reduce sperm count.

Avoid exposure to toxins, excessive heat.

Reduce or manage stress levels.

Don’t ‘get busy with it’ daily. Sperm levels reach their highest after 2-3 days of abstinence.

Eat pumpkin seeds which are high in minerals especially Zinc.

Nourish your body with nutrient dense foods such as soups, stews and bone broths.

Eat more high quality proteins such as chicken, tofu and fish.


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