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Best Supplements for Women's Fertility

Natural supplements for women's fertility

Fertility issues can arise at anytime to anyone and are more common that you may think. General day to day living bombards us with all kinds of things that can interfere with our ability to conceive – pollution, toxins and stress are just some of the little things that can send us off course. For those who find themselves in this situation, it can be a very trying and upsetting time. Below are a list of recommendations, tips and nutrients essential for reproductive health. 


Rebalance recommends

Vitamin E with Selenium

Vitamin E is the reproductive vitamin. It increases blood and oxygen flow to the sex organs.


Essential for proper functioning of the sex organs.

Chlorella and/or HEEL detox kit

For preconception. Remove toxins and heavy metals which can interfere with fertility

Cod Liver Oil

Contain high levels of vitamin A which is important for reproductive gland function. Not all cod liver oil is the same. Nordic Naturals Arctic Cod liver oil is pure and tested for heavy metals. 

Vitamin B Complex

So, so important for fertility and also related stress.

-Vitamin B12 maintains fertility.

-Folic acid protects the egg, sperm and genetic material.

-PABA can restore fertility in some women.

Panax Ginseng 

Stimulates growth of uterine lining.

Fertility Tea

Fertility Tea contains medicinal plants effective in creating a fertile reproductive environment. The formula contains key nutrients specific to conception as well as properties that act as a sexual stimulant. With the fine balance of medicinal herbs, Fertility Tea supports your body on the journey of conception and prepares your body for pregnancy.


Tips & Info

Stress Less

Detox, Detox, Detox preferably with a HEEL detox kit (in the top 3 detox kits worldwide and used as the number one choice throughout Europe).

Avoid all chemicals.

With the amount of daily pollution we encounter (remember stress also pollutes our bodies) it is no wonder more and more people are getting out of sync and finding it difficult to conceive. The main thing is to stay positive, and remember that practising to conceive is mean’t to be fun.

Avoid alcohol, caffeine, fried foods, sugar, margarine and junk foods.

Nourish your body with nutrient dense foods such as soups, stews and bone broths.

Avoid known food allergens.

Don't smoke.

Get regular exercise.

Minimise stress.



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