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Natural remedies for cold and flu for baby, children and adults.

Colds and Flu are a miserable time for all. Shorten the colds duration and ease those nasty symptoms so you can get back to your healthy, energetic self in no time with these Rebalance recommendations

Ester C

Helps to improve resistance to infection, fights colds and flu, improves immunity, supports recovery.

Active Elements 7.1

Rapidly brings down swelling and inflammation while reducing fever and congestion. Highly effective for treating colds and fluin all ages.

Echinacea Thuja Comp

Stimulates the immune system during colds, flu and infections for a faster recovery.

Gripp Heel

For colds and flu, fevers and flu-like infections. 

Kid’s Cough and Cold Relief

For children of all ages. Helps to relieve inflamed tonsils, cough, colds & mucous discharge


For fevers, congestion, pain, colds and flu in babies and small children. 


For colds, flu, fevers, infection, viruses in all ages. Great to take at the sudden onset of an illness or to help minimise the symptoms and discomfort of colds and flu.

Tips & Info

  • Avoid sugar and dairy during the duration of a cold or flu as this increases mucous production.
  • Make sure you have adequate rest during infection.
  • Getting up and walking around in the fresh air helps loosen mucous congestion so don't confine yourself to the bedroom all day.
  • Increase fruits and/or fruit juices with no added sugar, or make your own! Apple, carrot and ginger works a treat for colds and flu.
  • Add a few drops of breathe easy essential oil to a diffuser to aid breathing.
  • Wash hands often to prevent spreading the virus.
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