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Natural weight loss supplements

Combined with correct nutrition and a comprehensive workout plan, the following supplements will work with you to achieve your personal goals. 

Rebalance recommends

HEEL Detox Kit

Any weight loss regime is best started with a detox. The HEEL detox is easy to use, well tolerated, effective and a great start to the new you!

FucoCai Weight Management

Supports weight management.


Tips & Info

Ditch the fatty snacks in favour of proper food! Avocado guacamole and corn chips is ideal, filling and full of good fats for the body.

Avoid processed foods and trans fats. Avoid the common processed 'low fat' foods. These often contain more sugars, carbohydrates and trans fats which do more harm to your waistline (and blood sugar levels) than good. Eating nourishing traditional foods are a far better option.

Increase protein intake as this increases metabolic rate and balances insulin release. Meat, fish, chicken, tofu and beans are all good options.

Avoid or at least limit alcohol intake as these are high in sugars and not so good for the waistline (or liver).

Don't just switch from Coke to Diet Coke, Diet Coke (and in fact most diet drinks) contain the artificial sweetener aspartame. This 'lovely' little gem is linked to over 90 different harmful effects in the body including brain tumours. Ditch the fizzy bubbly all together or choose a 'better' option such as the Phoenix range (which includes Cola as well). 

Control portion sizes. Put less on your plate.

Drink 8+ glasses of water or herbal tea each day.

Adopt a healthier lifestyle and avoid yo-yo dieting.

Get out and about. Even 10 minutes of walking a day is better than 0 minutes of walking per day. 

Don't skip meals and always, always eat a breakfast as this kick starts your metabolism for the day.

Don't chew gum as this starts the digestive juices flowing making you feel hungry.

Increase fibre in the diet. A clean colon is important in controlling your weight.

Don't stress. Eating healthy should never be a stressful experience. Cooking and eating healthy foods should be enjoyable for you and the whole family. 


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