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Waihi Bush are producers of outstanding New Zealand organically grown flaxseed oil. 

Their flax seed is grown without chemical sprays by certified organic farmers in New Zealand, where soil, climate and distance from industrial processes create favourable growing conditions.

Waihi Bush Organic Farm products have organic certification from AgriQuality and the seed from which they are made is GE free. They are able to trace the flax seed in any product back to the very paddock the seed was grown in!

After harvest, they cold press the seed, check the oil for quality then taste, and bottle it. They take care at every step to maintain the integrity of this nutritious oil so that it reaches you in perfect condition.

The company has a strong culture of research and development, with an emphasis on developing customised blends, based on a sound understanding of the current nutritional science.

Waihi Bush seek to improve the quality of peoples' lives by introducing them to functional whole foods, striving to maintain taste and quality, and by growing their product organically, using GMO-free ingredients in production. 

When added to a balanced diet, Waihi Bush oil can help keep you healthy and vibrant.


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